Friday, 23 October 2009

How to look hot and keep warm this Winter without looking like a snowman?

Winter in the UK isn’t always a fabulous affair and it can be very hard for anyone to get the winter looks right because of the very unfavourable and changeable forecasts. One of the biggest problems faced in winter fashion is layers. Big coats and jumpers make you seem to pile on the pounds and however many times you try to fix them, it seems like they will never lie straight. Also the cold weather gives you such a red complexion you look like you have a permanent cold and sometimes like Rudolph. However the harder you try to keep warm the more likely you are to achieve “the snowman look”, or you go without and freeze and shivering isn’t a good look. Another problem with the winter is the cost of it. Most girls instead of saving for the many Christmas gifts they have to buy, waste money on numerous expensive products that are bulky and don’t even keep them warm. Finally light summer sunhats have to be replaced with woolly heavy ones which easily ruin your hair and not to mention what all that rain can do! So in time for the season of good will, here are some helpful tips to help you get through the winter with your style and all your fingers intact.

In this, my first post I will advise you in the coat styles of this season and the best way to go about buying your perfect winter coat.

Every girl should have a well fitting and flattering coat. This should and probably will be the most expensive item you buy this season but it will also be, if well chosen, a very good investment that can last for years. Follow the five tips below to help you choose the perfect winter coat.

Firstly size. This can actually be fairly challenging because sizes can differ from store to store. A good idea is to go a size up then your normal dress size so that you can wear layers underneath without being unable to do it up, or look like your going to pop out of it any time soon. But don’t go too big otherwise it may well swamp you or look very bulky hiding any assets. The key to choosing your correct size is trial and error. Always try before you buy and never purchase a coat in the wrong size or if you are unsure about it as it should be a major part of your wardrobe for at least a few years.

Secondly style. This will differ from person to person on shape, size and likes and dislikes. If you are unsure about a style, one that suits all is a single breasted no pocket coat, almost fool proof.
However if you’re a tall girl with defined waists or hourglass look great in belted coats but make sure that you don’t choose one that makes you look wider!
If you have a bit more of a round body try a swing coat as it hides the upper body and makes all the attention go to the legs or the cardigan style.
The Military style is great for lean columns as it gives your top half an edge and stops you looking lanky.
Double breasted coats are great as long as your not big breasted and definitely suit triangles, lean columns and rectangle shapes.

Don’t forget to include your personality in your choice. Go for a bright colour or pattern perhaps in a cherry red to be bang on trend this season and to give yourself confidence but considered what looks good on your. A short biker jacket on someone tall can look great but could make you look bottom heavy and out of proportion like a small girl would look swamped in a baggy full length coat. Remember always that unless you feel comfortable in your self and your coat then the most beautiful coat will never fit quite right.

Louisa Vuitton x